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After School Programs

KickSmart provides enrichment to after school programs across the Bay Area. Trained coaches can lead multiple sessions within after school program hours. Are you an After-School Program Coordinator? Have energetic kids who could benefit from KickSmart? Give KickSmart a try!

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School Day Sessions

KickSmart offers alternative PE sessions to public, private, charter or home-schools. Are you looking to fill a PE role at your site or home? Contact KickSmart!

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School Day One-on-Ones

Do you know of a child or teen that is struggling with self-management? KickSmart provides individual sessions for students that need support regulating their emotions and behaviors in class settings. It is recommended that personal KickSmart sessions take place earlier in the day to help students maintain positive behavior for the duration of their school day. Are you a school counselor or therapist? Do you know of a kid that would benefit from KickSmart? Reach out to us!

adults love it too

KickSmart for Adults

KickSmart transcends age! Coaches are available to come into your corporate office setting for enjoyable wellness and team-building sessions or to your home for personal and/or family fitness. Do you, your family, or office need a mental and physical boost? Contact KickSmart today!

Anyone can Benefit from KickSmart

Anyone can benefit from KickSmart — it transcends age, personality type or athleticism, and creates a family atmosphere with any group after a short period of time. KickSmart is fun, really fun, but make no mistake, participants will be physically challenged to push themselves to the point of exhaustion. That level of exhaustion, however, is different for every student, and each KickSmart Coach is very mindful of all students’ personal abilities before pushing them to their limits. When a group of individuals are challenged and succeed together, an unforgettable bond and uplifting personal experience ensues. KickSmart can take place individually, in small or large groups, and in after school or during school programming.

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