KickSmart is the only afterschool program that combines mindfulness with challenging exercise

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Kicksmart is a youth enrichment program that helps students bridge the connection between physical exercise and mindfulness. Kicksmart promotes physical and mental health through challenging kickboxing training paired with mindfulness.

KickSmart guides students to be more aware and mindful of their own emotions, and instills the notion that exercise and mindfulness can help create a path to happiness.

KickSmart aims for its students to understand that intense physical activity leads to a healthy and happy mind.

Kids & Coordinators Love it

Having tried many SEL programs as an assistant principal, I can say with great confidence that KickSmart has has been integral to helping our school meet the needs of the whole child. The combination of Muay Thai and mindfulness engages even most reluctant learners, and many students list it amongst their favorite classes at school. Students practice discipline, self-control, and resilience in a highly engaging format, and they learn how to channel their emotions into a safe and effective practice. I could not recommend this program enough!

-Patrick Messac, Caliber Academy

Jon has brought Kicksmart to our Family Camps for the past three seasons. YES youth and adults are familiar with Jon and love to participate in the high energy routines that he leads. Our groups range in age and physical levels and through his session he is able to engage and challenge every participant in an appropriate way. Kicksmart has become an essential component of our Family Camp weekend and we are honored to partner with Jon because he is invested in our community and our youth.

Zaira Sierra, YES Camps Coordinator

Our students at Fairmont Elementary all want to join the Kicksmart program! They love the ability to punch and kick in a safe place! That they learn about meditation, and about being responsible community members, is a bonus to all of us.  I see the benefits of this program in their smiles and enthusiasm.

Leslie Adams, Love.Learn.Success Site Director at Fairmont

KickSmart Stampede!

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Why Kickboxing?

Kickboxing gives kids the perfect workout, combining leg strength, core strength, and cardiovascular training. Kids love the action, while the parents love how tough the workouts are, and how calm the students are afterwards.

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Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness gives kids the tools to reduce stress, control anxiety, improve their attention span, and grow their mental well being. Kids enjoy a new sense of peace and self control, and parents love the results.

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About Jon Lawrence

KickSmart Founder Jon Lawrence has dedicated the last ten years to youth-work in Richmond, Ca in a variety of capacities — as a P.E./Playworks coach, the director an elementary after-school program, and most recently – founding KickSmart. After Living in Thailand and training Muay Thai (Kickboxing) full time, he realized how powerful the therapeutic benefits of intense exercise could be, and decided to create a youth-program that combines mindfulness and fitness through Muay Thai training. Believing that students would be more mindful of their actions after expelling all of their physical energy, KickSmart was born! Coach Jon loves witnessing that “ah-hah!” moment when his students realize how peaceful they feel after a KickSmart session.

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Schools We’re In

Ford Elementary


Fairmont Elementary

El Cerrito

Del Rey Elementary


Grant Elementary


Cox Academy


Melrose Leadership Academy


Helms Middle School


Beta Caliber Academy


Wagner Ranch Elementary


Sleepy Hollow Elementary


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